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Don’t be fooled by the size of this little guy, miniSTREAK is a fully powered RGB mechanical esports keyboard in a easy to travel tenkeyless form. Complete with a detachable cable, the same amazing build quality and all the core features of its big sibling.

Fully customizable RGB with 8 lighting modes

Even without software, it just works

Fully customisable lighting

Make it exactly how you like with OP software

8 lighting modes

Animated and unique lighting

Powerful and simple on board lighting controls allow you to flick through the different lighting effects such as Rainbow Wave, Reactive typing, Single colour or gradient, right from the firmware no software needed. With the addition of our OP software, the possibilities and flexibility are up to your imagination.

Premium switches

CHERRY® MX are the industry’s preferred switch for a reason. German precision engineered since the 80’s, they’re trustworthy and reliable beyond 50 million keystrokes per switch. Each switch has self cleaning contacts, resistant to dust, and fibre glass reinforced. So basically, they’re pretty tough little guys, just pick a clicky style to your taste.

Cherry MXAvailable in red, Blue or Brown

Slim but strong.
Built to be David, not Goliath.

Elegantly designed


W: 360mm, L: 142mm, H:36mm


Annodised Aluminium and Polycarbonate

Measuring up at just 28mm at the thinnest point and weighing only 704g, miniSTREAK is one of the world’s thinnest mechanical gaming keyboards. But don’t be fooled by appearance, with rubber feet angled for maximum grip, and built with a beautiful anodised metal top plate, it’s strong as an ox and won’t budge even in the most heated of sessions.

It’s so small and easy to carry around. There’s a bunch of small things that’ll make the PC experience much better, it kinda forces you to completely focus on the game.BROXAH

Make it yours.

Magnetic signature plate

Coming soon

Gamers love to customise, whether that’s skins or their setup. So we’re putting it front and centre, or in this case at the back of the keyboard through a removable signature plate. In a few months, we’ll open up the possibility for fans to get their own gamer tag or, well, any word printed right from our site.

Making the complicated, simple.

Competition Mode

Delete all distractions and enable competition mode. With a dedicated key.

Media Keys

Quickly control your music, videos and more with dedicated media keys.


Simple lock mechanism to make your F keys default to their FN Key version.

Detachable USB-C Cable

Detachable USB-C interface designed for convenience in portability.

Adjust lighting on the fly

Not needing to install software to have full control over your keyboard, makes the most sense to us.

Programmable Keys

Out of the box it defaults to F1 - F6, but with OP Software you can remap these to anything you want.

Grip Challenge

Rubber rests, as well as large side flip-able feet, making sure miniSTREAK only moves when you say so.

Ready out of the box

Everything just works - no drivers need to be installed. Or you can power up your customisation with Fnatic OP software.

OP Software.
Just like you.

With Fnatic OP, our powerful cross-platform software, you can completely customise all of your Gear to make it as powerful as you are. Allowing for RGB control, mappable buttons, custom macros, unique actions and more, OP makes you OP.


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