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FLICK 2 is a light-weight professional-grade esports mouse, ready for every gamer. The key difference lies in grip type, and shape, favouring gamers who like a more symmetrical feel. It’s a shape that also combines the best in class sensor, build quality, grip, and software, to make a platform that’s designed to deliver you the precession and control you need to hit every skill shot.

Ultimate comfort
for long sessions

Listening to the feedback.

Rubber side grips

Textured grips for ultimate comfort

Fits any style

Perfect for both palm and claw-grip users

Created with comfort and grip at the front of mind, the oleophobic and textured rubber side grip maximises comfort and supports both palm and claw-grip users.

Tip top, like an aim bot.

Best in class optical sensor.

Taking advantages of the advancements in sensor tech, we’ve updated our mice with the latest. The Pixart 3360 is one of the world’s best sensors, with a load of additional features such as the ability to adjust lift-off-distance, lower CPI increments and over all higher split-second accuracy and precision. You’ve got no more excuses now, the rest is up to you.

Lift detection options

Manually select either 2mm or 3mm

High-speed motion detection

250ips and acceleration 50G

Selectable resolution

Up to 12000CPI with 100CPI step size

Super responsive

1000HZ Polling Rate / 1ms response time

Breaking is bad,
even when mad.

Tough guy mice.

Weighing in at

93 grams with an undefeated record


Textured Rubber, Polycarbonate and ABS

Built to withstand more than normal wear-and-tear. Those rage-inducing moments are no match for the tier-1 factory built and drop tested durability found in our next generation mice. But go ahead share your smash testing videos, make real friends.

At it’s core a great esports mouse has 3 things: reliability, comfort and accuracy. Flick 2 rocks on all of these fronts.QUACKNIIX

Make it your own.

Listening to the feedback.

Remappable buttons

Customise your set-up to suit you.

CPI/DPI on the fly

Quickly pin-point your accuracy

Adjustable CPI/DPI, lift-off distance and color combinations meet the needs of gamers on any level. Easily remappable buttons give you the power to control the environment. Change the CPI/DPI on the fly. So you can aim precisely, no matter which weapon or game, just switch your profiles quickly. No more excuses.

OP Software.
Just like you.

With Fnatic OP, our powerful cross-platform software, you can completely customise all of your Gear to make it as powerful as you are. Allowing for RGB control, mappable buttons, custom macros, unique actions and more, OP makes you OP.


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